How Empathy Helps You Hit a Homerun With Your Marketing Plan (And Why Many Businesses Strike Out)

You short circuit empathy’s power in your marketing plan if you don’t understand empathy’s two-part process

Michael leans back in his office chair, arms folded. A white “World’s Best Boss” coffee mug is parked on the corner of his desk. On the other side of his desk stand Kevin and Andy. They press in with the energy of a Black Friday crowd waiting for the doors...
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Why You’d Be A Fool To Ignore ‘The Dressing Room Affect’ Between Your Brand Strategy And Your Bottom…line

The Dressing Room Affect Is A Deal Breaker for Your Brand Strategy

Are you going to change?, my wife asks. Her five powerful words—though shaped in the form of a question—pack a punch. The look on her face shows concern as she asks. The tone of her voice betrays any attempt to hide her intent. Like a leap off the high dive...
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Are You Marketing With the One Thing We’re ALL Drawn To?

What is the one thing that trumps all others and makes your marketing plan magnetic?

One ingredient is essential if you want an effective marketing plan. One. I’m convinced it trumps all others. “What? You’re crazy dude!” Hold up. I get crazier.  (For the record, I call it “boldness” in my mind. Makes it easier for me to stomach as I write this. Because I...
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Spark, Issue No. 4 (Lessons from Top Podcasts)-That Graffiti on Your Garage Doors Is Killing Your Personal Brand

True confessions from my recent Mastermind Meetup with a Spark mashup from a favorite podcast.

  11-year-old Clark wanted to know, “Why did you do this to my mother?” 46-year old me wanted to know, “Why am I doing this to myself?” Those sound like two unrelated questions. They are not. So what’s the common thread connecting the two? To answer that, I must share...
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Spark, Issue No. 3 (Lessons from Top Podcasts)-Bossy Metrics And Enjoying Your Business

Are you being bullied by bossy metrics? Find out in the third installment of Spark--a series of musings on top podcasts.

Spark: A Series of Musings on Top Podcasts, Issue 3 Welcome back to another issue of Spark—my musings about marketing, business, life, and the gospel from top podcasts. Here’s how this works. Each issue is a “spark” I get while listening to different podcasts. Each spark is short and sweet,...
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3 of My Favorite Marketing Books—Have You Read Any of These?

Get a clearer understanding of marketing from these 3 marketing books I love.

Malcolm Gladwell has said, “The key to good decision making is not knowledge. It is understanding. We are swimming in the former. We are desperately lacking in the latter.” That got me thinking. There are a million books about marketing. The problem is, I happen to agree with Gladwell. Plowing...
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Spark, Issue No. 2 (Lessons from Top Podcasts)-Can Curb Cuts Change Your Business

The second installment of Spark--a series of my musings on top podcasts about marketing, business, life, and the gospel.

Spark: A Series of Musings on Top Podcasts, Issue 2 Welcome back to Spark: a series of my podcast musings. Here’s how this works. Each muse is a “spark” I get while listening to a podcast…any podcast I present them stream of conscious (not over-thought, not over-edited, not intimidating) They’ll...
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Spark, Issue No. 1 (Lessons from Top Podcasts)-Why I Still Enjoy Client Work

Introducing the first issue of Spark--a series of my musings on top podcasts about marketing, business, life, and the gospel.

Introducing Spark: A Series of Musings on Top Podcasts Early in the summer, I threw out a question to my beloved email tribe. I asked if there was interest in learning from some popular podcasts I listen to. In particular, I wondered if some cliff-note-nuggets of wisdom I gathered from...
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Embarrassingly Easy Instagram Hack to Post from your Computer

Learn how embarrassingly easy it is to post to Instagram from your computer using this simple hack.

Instagram Is Insta-Fun Instagram is fun. You may use it to… promote your business or brand,  peer into the lives of celebrity dogs,  post candids of mullets or rat tails or make up for all the likes you never got in high school. But Posting to Instagram Only from Your...
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Look More Professional Using Google Apps for your Email, Not Gmail

Learn how easy it is to use Google Apps to get your business or personal brand email using your domain name.

Why You Should Stop Using Gmail for Your Personal Brand or Business Email. You’re stuck with it. Like it, love it, or hate it. Email is part of your business or personal brand.  Tons of personal brands and businesses use Gmail (or a Yahoo or Hotmail account). You grabbed a...
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