Unbelievable Branding Lessons from an Atheist

Learn how your brand either builds a bridge or burns a bridge with your customers.

Branding is an enigma for too many personal brands and small-to-medium businesses (SMB). To wake my clients up to the god-like power of branding, I use this statement a LOT. (Because it’s true. And attention-grabbing!) Your brand is either building a bridge or burning a bridge with your audience. Your...
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Grandma’s Foolproof Marketing Recipe

Learn the 6 ingredients you need to make your marketing so delicious customers always bite

Who can resist Grandma’s famous recipe? I can’t. I gave in again last week. Here’s how I succumbed… The Same-Old Dog and Pony Show, Right?… Cosmo’s bowl was empty. And so was the clear, plastic food container left of the bowl. Cosmo is our golden doodle.  Time for another routine...
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3 Productivity Apps to Grow Your Marketing And Grow in the Gospel

Learn how to set up 3 Amazing Productivity Apps to Up Your Marketing

Me and productivity apps. Oh boy. I’ll admit it. I’m not prone to throwing fists. But the one person I want to sucker punch is the “uber-productive” business leader. Sure. It would be a punch fueled by envy. But maybe I could play catch-up while he gasped for air. Yikes,...
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Converting Browsers to Buyers with a Good News Website

Get your free guide and get your website converting more customers into buyers by giving them good news.

Everybody loves good news! But Too Many Businesses Don’t Know How to Share It On their Website… …And They’re Leaving Potential Customers Confused. First impressions are critical. Your website’s homepage is often the first point of contact for prospective customers and clients. You want to make a great first impression....
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Improve Your Website in 5 Minutes

A Fast, 5 Minute Website Review Video of JoyCapps.com.

One great way to improve and learn is by learning from others. Seeing a real-life example helps move a concept from abstract to concrete. From fuzzy to clear. I remember in vivid detail the first sermon I prepared back in seminary. I sat with 12-or-so fellow students as we each took turns presenting our first...
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A Simple Recipe for Gospel-Flavored Marketing

The gospel is packed with beauty that can flavor our marketing.

The gospel is packed with beauty. From every angle, there is more and more good news. It’s inexhaustible good news. This means, the possibilities for how the gospel can flavor our marketing are endless. I wonder what would happen if we took a moment to: Reflect on the beauty of...
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Strategic Marketing: Gospel Onboarding for New Email Subscribers

Try out gospel onboarding using two great tools-ConvertKit and Carrd.co.

I’m a longtime Mailchimp user who finally “converted” to ConvertKit as my Email Marketing Solution. One of the powerful features of ConverKit is tagging. Tagging helps businesses and marketers send subscribers specific content they actually want. With powerful tags, you can segment, sort, combine, and target. For example, you can...
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The Unspoken Reason You & I Struggle with Marketing

We all want to win at marketing. But there is something else we want in our marketing. And it stirs up trouble.

A light bulb went off in my head this week. It illuminated something you and I often wrestle with when it comes to marketing. FYI I’m not talking primarily about marketing tactics. Yes, we could ALL use great marketing help, tips, tricks, and best practices. But we wrestle with something...
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3 Common Web Design Mistakes that Zap Your Site (and Waste Your Money)

Most people pick a pretty template and build a website. Find out how you get zapped by the template.

Web Design Mistakes Zaps are cool in cartoons.  Zaps electrify when they involve bugs and a ‘zapper’. (For those old enough to remember watching  mosquitoes meet their doom at the hands of the back porch bug zapper). But what happens when zaps show up in your web design? I’ll tell...
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5 Reasons I’m ‘More’ Thankful for My Clients Than Ever

What so many leaders do is focus on how to gobble up more for themselves. But here’s what I’ve learned from you…

What so many leaders do is focus on how to gobble up more for themselves. (I’ll take 5 bonus points for working “gobble” into line 1 of this Thanksgiving article.) They want more customers for their business. More money from supporters for their non-profit. More people showing up to their...
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Replace Marketing Confusion with Clarity.

Is Your Marketing Paralyzed by Uncertainty?

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