It’s Not Me. It’s You.

Part 3-A Clear Plan Can Make or Break Your Impact

It’s Not Me. It’s You. When you’re dating, you never want to hear, “It’s not you. It’s me.”  When you start dating someone, you’re trying to find out if the person is a good fit for you. Does he make you laugh? Does she have the same values as you?...
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Empty the Silos

Part 2-A Clear Plan Can Make or Break Your Impact

Empty the Silos Here is a common problem I see with organizations: they have no big picture tying together their marketing, messaging and brand. The website says one thing, the brochure says it another way. People within your organization describe you and what you do differently. It’s like 10 first-time chefs...
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You Know You Want It

Part 1-A Clear Plan Can Make or Break Your Impact

Today is the inaugural (kind of) weekly article to help you grow your impact. Why ‘kind of’ weekly? Here’s why: Each article will be part of a short series around a particular topic to keep them bite size and helpful (typically a 3–5 part series). There may be a short break between...
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New Website: For You, from Me (Robby Fowler Design)

A new site to eclipse the old. Get all the det’s here.

Excited to launch a new website from me to you—the new Robby Fowler Design site! I’m certain the new site will eclipse the old. (Comedy is all about timing.)  This whole thing started with me wanting to bring 17 years worth of experience to your inbox through weekly articles. But...
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