Simplify Your Marketing Plan by Owning the 5 Tiers of Your Customer's Journey

If you’re not using the 5 Tiers of Customers to improve your revenue and simplify your marketing plan, then you must be ok with the status quo while feeling overwhelmed.

If you’re not using the 5 Tiers of Customers & Their Journey to improve your organization and simplify your marketing, then you must be ok with the status quo and feeling overwhelmed. Here’s why. Your customers are real people like you on an epic journey. They are hunting for a...
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3 Common Website Mistakes that will Zap Your Website Design & Your Website Conversions

Zaps are great for cartoons and mosquitoes, but they are NOT great for a converting website.

Zaps are cool in cartoons. They can be maniacally electrifying when they involve bugs and a ‘zapper’. (For those old enough to remember watching  mosquitoes meet their doom at the hands of the back porch bug zapper). But you don’t want zaps to show up when you’re redoing your website....
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Do You Have a Successful Marketing Plan or a Piece-meal Marketing Maze Stored in Silos

A Clear Plan Will Make or Break Your Marketing Effectiveness

Today is the inaugural article to help you Focus first. Act second. Grow fast. I’m going to teach you How to Market Smarter. Here’s why: Marketing paralyzes too many personal brands and businesses. You feel overwhelmed by the number of marketing choices and channels. Marketing without a simple, clear, marketing...
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New Website: For You, from Me (Robby Fowler)

Get Smarter Marketing Strategy for your personal brand and business from my new site.

Excited to launch a new website from me to you—the new Robby Fowler site! I’m certain the new site will eclipse the old. (Comedy is all about timing…because I launched this near the solar eclipse of 2017.)  This whole thing started with me wanting to bring 18 years worth of...
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Replace Marketing Confusion with Clarity.

Is Your Marketing Paralyzed by Uncertainty?

Confusion over how to best market your business costs you growth. Get my simple framework to master-plan your marketing. Market with confidence.

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