Converting Browsers to Buyers with a Good News Website

Everybody loves good news! But Too Many Businesses Don’t Know How to Share It On their Website…

…And They’re Leaving Potential Customers Confused.

First impressions are critical. Your website’s homepage is often the first point of contact for prospective customers and clients. You want to make a great first impression. In real life, guys tuck in their shirt. Ladies lightly blot their lipstick. And everyone does the fresh breath check. You don’t want to be like Jim…who’s breath smells like a burnt pot of Folgers.

The need for a great first impression is also true for your website!

But you’ll be shocked at how little time you have…

Your Website Has Split Seconds to Make A Winning  First Impression

Studies by Google show your website visitors decide if they like you in 0.05 seconds (that’s 5 milliseconds)! You thought Usain Bolt was fast. 

After 5 milliseconds, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. As I mentioned above, everybody loves good news. There’s one thing guaranteed to “hide your good news” and prevent your website from converting prospects into paying customers: 

Lack of clarity on your website!

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Good News

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The Gospel Demonstrates the Power of Words

Words are powerful. Think about James 3. James equates the tongue to the rutter of a huge ship, or bridle for a powerful horse. In John 1, the Son is the ‘Word’ (logos) of God. In Hebrews 1:2, the author says God spoke in the past through the prophets. But now God has spoken—literally, “in Son” (our English translations smooth it out to read ‘by his Son’). 

The Words on Your Website Hold the Power to Confuse or Clarify…And Those Are The ONLY 2 Options

The words on your website matter. The right words can cause visitors to take action. They attract paying customers like a moth to a flame. The wrong words can repel customers faster than a guy with bad breath. Answer these 5 questions clearly, pair them with great design, and your website will turn more prospects into paying customers.

The Key to Converting Website Visitors Into Buyers

Ready to turn more visitors into buyers? Make sure your website answers these 5 questions:

  1. Who Is This Site For?
  2. What Problem Can You Help Me Solve?
  3. What Do You Want Me to Pay You For?
  4. What Do You Want Me to Click On?
  5. Who Else Trusts You?
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Good News

I’ve put everything you need in this free resource. Download the Guide Now ».

I Know What You’re Thinking, But…

You’re thinking, “Those questions are so basic. There has to be more to it than that!

If that’s you…congrats! You have the most common assumption when it comes to marketing. But that assumption is costing you lots of business! The problem is…you DO have ‘more to it than that’ on your website. Too many words. Too few of your customers’ questions left unanswered.

Here’s the dirty little secret:

Simple sells!

Maybe you’ve heard of Apple and the iPod? Imagine being the gang charged with taking stacks of CDs and turning it into a device with 1,000 songs in your pocket. To make it more interesting, Steve Jobs forced his team to limit this new device called the iPod to a single button. Why? Because simple sells!

Breaking Down The 5-Question Framework for a Converting Website

I know you’d love a website that gains you more customers. So here’s the breakdown of this simple framework!

Q1: Who Is This Site For?

When a visitor hits your website, he or she tries to figure out if you can help. Let them know right up front who you help.

Is this a site for…?

  • professional photographers, 
  • stay-at-home mom’s starting a side business,
  • oil drilling companies,
  • health-conscious pet owners,
  • you get the idea

Here’s the golden rule of website copy (the words on your website that market your product, service, or business): 

What may be clear to you is NEVER that clear for your potential customer.

Never. Ever. Period!

Do not assume a website visitor will know he or she is your ‘target audience.’ Tell them. And do it fast! Visitors don’t want to play connect the dots. Your job is to connect the dots for them.

Q2: What Problem Can You Help Me Solve?

Potential customers never become actual customers unless you clarify how you solve their problem. They don’t want a treatise or dissertation. They want a simple, direct statement.

Don’t dance around it. Don’t be cutesy or clever. Be clear.

But what if our company does several things?

Are you ready for the BEST marketing advice I ever got? 

It didn’t come from business school. It didn’t come from a marketing expert. It came from ‘Prof’. Prof, as we affectionately called him, was Dr. Howard Hendricks—the most-beloved professor in all of the seminary.

A mist in the pulpit is a fog in the pew!


Let me translate. If you—the speaker—are fuzzy where you’re heading…the poor folks listening are lost in space!

If you run a business, but you are ‘fuzzy’ on how to simply tell potential customers how you can help…how is your customer supposed to know? This is your business!

(Don’t beat yourself up though. This is the single, biggest problem I help my clients solve. You’re not alone!)

So if you need to hire an expert to help you create a clear, simple answer to this question, DO IT! It’s worth every penny.

Q3: What Do You Want Me to Pay You For?

Tell potential customers what they pay for. This is not a price or dollar amount. This is the product or service they give you money for. Tell them what that is.

If you sell widget spinners, it might look like this. [Problem] We help distracted kids focus their nervous energy. [Pay] Buy a widget for the anxious child in your life.

If you’re a plumber, it’s a service call. If you’re a realtor, it’s helping you find and close on the perfect house. If you’re a fashion designer, it’s a set of men’s fall casual wear designs.

Q4: What Do You Want Me to Click On?

If you answer the first three questions, you’ll have customers ready to act! Give them a clear call to action and a BIG button to click on.

Now is NOT the time for hide-and-seek. There’s no need to be bashful or shy. If you can help your customer, tell them. (FYI Jesus was clear. Mark records three clear calls to action right out of the gate: Repent…Believe the gospel…Follow me!)

Here’s one more piece of advice. Relate the text of your button back to your answer to question 3. For example, Schedule a Service Call OR Purchase My Fall Designs.

Q5: Who Else Trusts You?

This is where testimonials or reviews come in. You don’t need to go overboard. Just help potential customers know they can trust you.

Again, Jesus did this in the gospels. Remember what he told the healed demoniac in Mark 5? “Go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.” (Mark 5:19)

Testimonials are a gift you give to potential customers. Why? Because if this potential customer is still checking out your website and reading reviews, they want to do business with you. 

I tell every client, “The customers you want to reach are just as busy as you are today. But they’re consumed with their stuff, not your stuff.”

Testimonials help busy people know someone else has already trusted you. Someone else has already experienced relief by doing business with you. You have been ‘good news’ to someone else needing help in the same area.

Free Resource: Examples from Real Websites + A Worksheet For Your Site

The best way to see the power of answering these 5 questions is by example. I’ve got some great examples of real websites for you to learn from. Here’s what you get in this free resource:

  1. A recap of this article for reference
  2. Examples from real, converting websites with screenshots
  3. A simple worksheet for your answers to the 5 Questions of a Converting Website

Whether you’re a large company or a personal brand, you’ll see how the right words sell. Get this 5-point framework and make sure the words on your website are crystal clear.

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Good News

I’ve put everything you need in this free resource. Download the Guide Now ».

5 Questions Your Website Must Answer to Convert

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