Use story to understand your customer's journey and simplify your marketing part 3

Imagine a high-profile consultant. He’s got a 100% success rate. And he just handed you 3 goals guaranteed to grow your impact. 

Now imagine his advice cost you nothing. Zilch. Nada.

Wouldn’t that be great?

No more searching for what to do next. No need to experiment with marketing hacks to get more customers. No more doubts flooding your mind, ‘will this work?’ No more anxiety about where to lead your organization next. Instead, this imaginary consultant has shown you the way forward. Like a postmortem Obi Wan Kanobe saying “Luke use the force,” he points the way. 

Oh, what a wonderful Christmas gift it would be.

Good news. If you’ll tap into the 5 Tiers of Customers & Their Journey, your Christmas wish can become a reality.

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Good News

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The Pay Dirt At The End of Your Customer’s Journey (A Recap)

There’s gold in them there Hills…the ‘Hills’ being your customers.  After a brief Thanksgiving intermission, we’re back to part 3 of this series. Here’s a quick recap of the gold we’ve already mined from your customer’s journey.

What We Unearthed in Part 1

  • Your customers are on a journey that begins with a problem and ends when they find a resolution.
  • Your customer is the main character, or hero, in this 5-act story.
  • The 5-acts chronicle the hero’s journey from The Curious to The Champion. (Review the 5 acts here.)

Part 1 Pay Dirt

The better you empathize with the 5 Tiers of your customers and their journey, the better chance you have of growing your impact.

What We Unearthed in Part 2 

Two things matter when it comes to your customer’s problem.

  • Rule 1: The size of your customer’s problem impacts urgency, progression, and awareness.
  • Rule 2: The popularity of your customer’s problem impacts competition and clarity.

Part 2 Pay Dirt

The more you know about your customer’s problem, the easier it is to be the solution…and…the easiest solution usually wins.

The Best Consultant You Can Hire But Never Have to Pay

Our opening scenario featured a top-tier consultant handing you free, killer advice. Well, this Christmas I’d like to offer you the best consultant you can get. He’s available at no cost. Your customer’s journey offers you the best advice money can buy…for free. 

Here is what your customer can tell you about where to head next. Your goal, on a silver platter, served up by your customer’s journey is (drumroll)…

Make your customer a champion. That’s it.

(Let the cymbal crash die down.) Ok. Most organizations have stated or unstated goals. They’re internal. You bat them about at staff meetings. Maybe post them on a bulletin board in the office.

Internal goals for your organization can be great. They might look like…

  • Double profit margin by the 4th quarter.
  • Decrease customer complaints by 10%.
  • Add Department X by this date.

But there’s a problem.

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Good News

I’ve put everything you need in this free resource. Download the Guide Now ».

Don’t Amputate Your Customer from Your Business Goals

The problem with internal business goals is how easy it is to cut off your customer. Like a junior high lunch table, you can quickly fill the 6 seats and forget you’ve got 8 friends.

Think about it for a second. What would help you double your profit margin by the 4th quarter? Making more of your customers champions. Want to decrease customer complaints? Make more of your customers champions. Thinking of adding a new department, service, or product? Here’s a helpful question for consideration. Will it help you serve more customers and move them from Curious to Champion?

It sounds so obvious. But you’d be surprised how many of your internal business goals cannot be traced back to making life easier/better for your customer. They are separate from your customer’s goals. Your goals amputated your customer. (gulp) Their goals are orphans. Nobody wants to more orphans. Especially not at Christmas!

Here’s another way to look at the same principle. If a business goal does not help your customer move from Curious to Champion, you’ve just created the competition for your own goal. You picked a destination and then put in your own roadblock. You created a plan and threw the wrench in it. Thinking you can grow your impact without growing your customer (not just quantity of customers, but improving their quality of life big or small) is like not listening to your friends while muttering the mantra ‘be the best friend you can be…be the best friend you can be…’.

Pay close attention to your customer’s journey. It’s real-time feedback pointing the way to more impact.

Action Steps to Heed Your Top-Tier Consultant’s Advice

I’ve got 5 questions to you can ask yourself. They’ll help you listen to your customer’s advice—the best advice you’ll ever get.

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Good News

I’ve put everything you need in this free resource. Download the Guide Now ».

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