Look more professional using Google Apps to host your email at your domain name, not Gmail

Why You Should Stop Using Gmail for Your Personal Brand or Business

Email. You’re stuck with it. Like it, love it, or hate it. Email is part of your business or personal brand. 

Tons of personal brands and businesses use Gmail (or a Yahoo or Hotmail account). You grabbed a Gmail email address for one of these common reasons:

  • A Gmail account is free.
  • You don’t even remember when…you’ve had a Gmail account for ages (and all your friends email you there).
  • You grabbed a new Gmail account after leaving a previous job to start your new business venture or personal brand.
  • You graduated college (congrats!), lost your school email address, and needed an email address for your resume. (You’ve got college loans to pay off, so why waste money when Gmail is free?)

I get it. I’ve got several Gmail accounts myself. But I don’t use ANY of them for my business. You shouldn’t either.

“Why not!?”, you ask. Here’s why…

This Stumbling Block Is The Obvious Reason You Shouldn’t Use Gmail for Your Business or Brand

When you boil it down, your business and brand come down to a relationship between you and your customer. When a customer considers doing business with you, he or she is, in part, making a relational decision. Do I want to relate with this business or brand?

As You May Know, EVERY Relationship is Build on TRUST

Trust is the foundation of every relationship. You know it. I know it. So let’s cut to the chase.

Your “tonysmith58@gmail.com” Gmail account does not help me trust your business or brand.

Put Yourself in the Shoes of your Customer and You’ll See This (It’s More Obvious than the Sun at High Noon)…

Think about it from your customer’s perspective. Suppose you are a personal brand offering C-Level coaching. If I’m a C-Level executive spending money on a coach, who am I more likely to trust with my investment (and my future)? Some guy at “tonysmith58@gmail.com” or “tony@c-suite-success.com”. I can promise you it’s the latter.

Or how about this? If I’m on the hunt for a skilled web designer to skyrocket my business, am I going to hire a designer who can’t figure out how to get his email to match his domain name? Nope! Not me.

It’s So Easy to Conquer Your Domain, You Can Do It Today

Rome wasn’t conquered in a day. But you can conquer getting your email address to match your domain name in an afternoon. (With my help…probably in an hour).

Step 1: Let Google Apps Host Your Email

You already have a domain name. You have a website up. All you need now is a place to host the email for your business or personal brand. Keep it simple. Use Google Apps. When you do, you’ll have a trust-building email address like “yourname@yourdomain.com”. 

What’s the Difference Between Gmail and Google Apps?

Let me clarify the difference between Gmail and Google Apps. I’ll also tell you how your email host is not the same thing as your email app.

  • Gmail is Google’s email solution for individuals. It comes with a “gmail” address like “yourname@gmail.com”. Email with Google Apps functions just like Gmail except you use your own domain name like “yourname@churchdomain.com”. Unlike Gmail, Google Apps is a paid service. 
  • Like Gmail, Google Apps comes with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and lots more. Unlike Gmail, you get more storage and better sharing options with Google Apps!
  • An email host is NOT synonymous with your email app (the one you use to check your email). For example, Apple Mail or Outlook is an email app. Gmail, Zoho Mail, or your domain or website host like GoDaddy or Bluehost are examples of email hosts. Think of your email app like a car, and your email host like a grocery store. You can use different cars to go snag items from the grocery store.

Okay. Now that we’ve cleared that up, here’s why you should use Google Apps…

9 Golden Reasons to Choose Google Apps to Host Your SMB Business or Personal Brand Email

Choosing the right email hosting provider makes your life easier. Your decision can save you time and money. 

I work with lots of businesses and personal brands. I always set them up on Google Apps. And they always love it.

Here are 8 reasons why Google Apps is the perfect solution for your SMB business or personal brand.

Google Apps Reason 1: It’s super cheap. 

$5 per month, per user. And that includes all the apps in Google Apps suite (including email hosting). When you’re starting your business or personal brand, you look for every place to pinch and save. You’ll hunt for spare change under couch cushions and car seats before a date night. So why not save on email.

There are countless third-party apps that work with Google Apps email. You can easily find a third-party email app to access your email. For example, you can use Apple Mail to check your Google Apps if you prefer it over the native Gmail-like default experience. FYI I’ve tried a ton of them. My favorite by far is Polymail (affiliate link).

Google Apps Reason 3: It’s safe. 

Google is a tech behemoth. They are serious about safety. Their business depends on it. You get to take advantage of industry-leading two-step authentication and know you’re safe. You sleep well at night knowing personal info like your banking statements are secure. (I’ve talked about how to setup two-step authentication here and here.

Google Apps Reason 4: It’s not ‘spammy’. 

Google handles 1 qer-jillion-tera-tons of email. They do a fantastic job of sniffing out spam. You don’t get hot-and-bothered (or embarrassed) by spam because they weed it out for you. You won’t need fancy plugins or additional apps to do it for you.

Google Apps Reason 5: It’s cutting-edge. 

Not sure if you noticed or not, but Google, Apple, Microsoft, even Facebook…they’re all duking it out to be #1. This is great for consumers. Whether it’s security options or helpful new features, you know Google is forward-thinking.

Google Apps Reason 6: It’s independent of your web host. 

This is a common woe you can avoid. When you buy your domain name, you get hit with all kinds of add-on options. Business owners and personal brands get enticed by the “want us to host your email for you?” upsell. Many domain name registrars and web hosts offer this service. The problem is, when you move registrars or web hosts in the future, you’ve got to find a new email host. That means you’ll have to change your settings in your email app. And so will others. That’s a major pain!

Google Apps Reason 7: You get more storage space. 

Google Apps comes with cloud storage. You get plenty of room to store files, attachments and more. Plus, if you are a ‘saver’, you can archive old email instead of deleting it. Then use Google’s powerful search features to find an old email you need when you need it. (Rather than, “Ooops, sorry IRS. I must have deleted that critical email proving my innocence.”)

Google Apps Reason 8: You’ll need it for other services. 

You’ll need your own domain-hosted email to use popular email marketing solutions like MailChimp or my fave, ConvertKit (now Seva). More and more, email marketing providers frown upon free email services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Hotmail. These free email services make it easy for spammers to create a free account and then use email marketing providers (like MailChimp or ConvertKit) to spam. This is not good for business. So ConvertKit, MailChimp, and others have clamped down on it.

Google Apps Reason 9: You get Google Apps. 

I won’t go into all details, but Google Apps is super-handy for your SMB business or personal brand. There are so many ways to use Google Docs, Spreadsheets, etc. as a team. These make your life easier. No other email host comes with all these apps.

Get Your Email Setup on Google Apps with My Handy Guide (It’s Worth It for Your Business!)

I gave you 9 golden reasons to choose Google Apps for your email host. You’re ready to step up the trust-factor for your business or brand. 

Get My Google Apps Setup Guide for ONLY $9 ($1 per reason ;-)

If you’re ready to look more professional, make the switch to Google Apps. I put together a Google Apps Starter Kit to make setup a breeze. Grab the kit for $9. You’ll get screen shots and step-by-step instructions. In a few minutes, you’ll be all set—enjoying the benefits and saving money. Grab your copy today.

Bonus: Save Money With This Top-Secret Google Apps Email Trick

Here’s how to save money with Google Apps. (Yes, the Google Apps Starter Kit shows you how to do this too!) Every new user account you create in Google Apps costs $5/mo. So many of my  friends in business ask me how to add another email account to Google Apps. When I ask who the new account is for, they say, “It’s not for anybody new. We need an email address for XYZ. And Susy is going to check that account.” But you don’t need another user. Do this instead…

Here’s a trick to avoid creating unecessary “accounts” when you need another email address for your business or brand.

Take advantage of what Google Apps calls an ‘alias’

Before you start thinking of yourself as the next Jason Bourne, it’s not that kind of alias.

What Is an ‘Alias’?

The ‘alias’ in your Google Apps user account is like a nickname. For example, I’ve gathered a few nicknames through the years. ‘Raw-B’ is my street name for when I need to keep it real ;-). Or a few of my bro’s call me ‘Raw-Dawg’. My wife may or may not throw out  ‘Crabby Rabby’ for when my attitude sours. (23 years of marriage brews several nicknames.) 

The beauty is, you can create as many ‘nicknames’ or aliases as you want for any given user in Google Apps.

When to Use an Alias (Common Uses for Your SMB Business or Personal Brand)

Here are some common ways I setup aliases for many of my clients. Look through these scenarios and you’ll get ideas fast. 

Scenario 1: New Business, Personal Brand, or Solopreneur. 

When you start a new business or personal brand, it’s just you or a small team. Save money and be more professional by creating these aliases for your account in Google Apps.

  • ‘info’ (ie “info@yourdomain.com”) 
  • ‘contact@…’

Scenario 2: You add an assistant or new team member.

Create a new user account for your assistant. Then create the above aliases for his/her account. (Or delete them from your aliases and add them to your assistant if you already set them up.)

Scenario 3: When you’re running a promotion, featuring a sale, or launching a new division of your business.

Decide which team member will check the email account. (It could be you.) Then setup the appropriate alias for that user account in Google Apps. Examples could be…

  • ‘anniversarysale’ (ie “anniversarysale@yourdomain.com”) 
  • ‘sizzlingsummersale’
  • ‘teamworktraining’

Scenario 4: When you host a special event.

Create an alias matching the name of your event. Then people can register or direct questions to that email address. 

  • ‘youreventname’ (ie “eventname@yourdomain.com”)

Scenario 5: Creating a shared login account for your assistant or team. Use this for Instagram, ConvertKit, or similar online services or social media platforms. 

Some online services or social media platforms do not offer shared team accounts with multiple users/managers. This puts you in a pinch. Create one new user account in Google Apps and use it for just such occasions. Here’s how:

  • Create a new account in Google Apps
  • Give the account a first name of “Admin” and last name of “Account”
  • Create an alias for every service used by this account, like “instagram@…”.
  • Create your login with that alias. For instagram, you’d make the “email address” used to log in this alias (instagram@yourdomain.com or social@yourdomain.com).
  • Create a safe password you’re comfortable with sharing (not the one for your bank account).
  • Multiple team members can now login with the alias and password to manage the account.
  • Hint: For ConvertKit, you can create an alias you use for you and your team to login. Then add a personal email address you use to actually send email (so your email comes from a personal account, not an impersonal alias like “convertkit@yourdomain.com”). You can add sending email addresses under Account settings and click on the Email tab on the left.

Now that you’ve saved money with this hack, go treat yourself to something fun!

Look Professional! Get My Google Apps Setup Guide for ONLY $9

If you’re ready to look more professional and setup alias accounts, get my Google Apps Starter Kit to make setup a breeze. Grab the kit for $9. You’ll get screen shots and step-by-step instructions for setup and aliases. Grab your copy now ».

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