Zap. Pow. Bang. Boom. Those were regular appearances on the old Batman and Robin show from the late 1960’s.

Batman and Robin GIF

The show would feature real actors, like Adam West as Batman. But once a fight scene showed up, they’d cut to cartoon animation like the gif above. (Hey, it was daytime TV in the 60’s.)

When it’s time to redesign your website, you don’t want any zaps. They were bad for TV in the 60’s, and they’re bad for websites today. 

Redesigning a website is a lot of work. You spend significant time and money to make it happen. The last thing you want is disappointing results.

Last time, we looked at the first of 3 common mistakes that will ZAP your website redesign project. Go check that out if you missed it.

As we turn to the next zap, remember this. Each zap represents a common approach between you the client and the provider you work with to build the new site. 

Now onto the second common Zap.

Zap 2: Send us your content and we’ll build it.

Ever heard that one? I did this for years. I would include it in proposals, get clients to sign off, and then kickstart the website project off by asking my client for all the content. The process from there was obvious. Step 1, take the client’s content and, step 2, design a website for them. What’s wrong with that, right? That’s why you hire a designer—to do the part you can’t easily do.

Here’s why you get zapped.

The words you use on your website are THE biggest determiner of success or failure.

The reality is, writing effective content for the web is hard. Most clients have zippo copywriting training. They don’t know where to start. They don’t know when to stop. But it’s not their fault. They just lack the experience, training and skills it takes to write winning website copy.

But those words are so important! You need them to be spot on. In fact, I’ll go so far as saying, “You’re crazy if you don’t value the message of your website with the same (or more) weight than the design.”

When starting your next website project choose a designer with a commitment to, and competence for your message. You can even ask, “What is our plan for crafting the right message? And what is your process for getting us there?”

A winning website is equal parts design and message. They should play off each other. So don’t get zapped on your next website. If ‘cluttered’, ‘off-point’, or ‘too wordy’ describe your message, it will cost you. Zap to increased revenue. Pow to adding supporters. Bang to reaching more people. Instead, leave the zaps, pows, and bangs to Adam West and his 1960’s-era Batman.

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