Marketing, Putting it All Together for Big Impact

Your clear plan is starting to round out. You’re much closer to growing your impact. Now it’s time to put it all together.

Your 1-2 Punch Marketing

Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote, “How do I market thee? Let me count the ways.” Er…something like that. The point is, you could spend all your time and every last dollar on the infinite number of marketing options available to you. Or, you could succeed.

Remember, we’re crushing the Attack of the Unclear Plan. Trying to market yourself everywhere clutters the plan. Instead, knock out the Unclear Plan with this:

Execute the 1-2 marketing punch of great website plus growing email list.

Focus Your Website

First, take your message and ensure every word on your website comes from your outline. Get rid of everything else. 

Second, choose fantastic images featuring people that look like your audience. ‘Picture’ what it’s like for your audience to choose you.

Last, make sure it is abundantly clear how your audience takes the next step. This is your “Call to Action.” Make it clear. Make it prominent.

Giveaway Great Content through Regular Emails

Newsletters are for your mom. Instead, use your website to offer something your audience finds irresistible in exchange for their email.  Connect that to your email marketing provider (like MailChimp). Foster a relationship through regular emails with great content aimed at helping your audience. You’ll earn their trust, win them over, and turn them into customers, supporters, or members. Nothing, nothing, nothing beats a strong, growing email list.

What About Being Social?

You can use social media to further your marketing. But if you’re not killing it on your website and email list, long-term progress is difficult. You might get a few spikes of success, but many followers will find their way back to your website. So make sure you’re 1-2 punch is a knockout.

Get a Clear, Winning Plan

Organizations without a clear plan for their messaging, marketing and brand waste time, lose money and miss opportunities. I help businesses, non-profits, and churches create a plug-n-play masterplan so you grow your impact. Ready to reach your potential?

Let’s Grow Your Impact

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