Today is the inaugural (kind of) weekly article to help you grow your impact. Why ‘kind of’ weekly? Here’s why:

  • Each article will be part of a short series around a particular topic to keep them bite size and helpful (typically a 3–5 part series).
  • There may be a short break between series, giving you time to catch up and implement what you’ve learned.
  • Each article will take about 2 mins or less to read because we’re both busy.

Part 1: You Know You Want It

I know you want it, or you wouldn’t be reading this. Let’s start with the basics…

You want to grow your impact!

You want to grow your business, increase your non-profit’s impact, or further your church’s influence for good. You’ve got something great. But figuring out how to get others excited is hard. You’re already leading with excellence. Are you supposed to have a Ph.D. in Marketing too…or an endless pocketbook to pay someone else to figure it out? Doesn’t seem fair. And yet you keep bumping in to the same questions:

  • How to best market your organization;
  • How to tell others about your product, service or mission in simple, understandable language (messaging);
  • What to do with your website;
  • What the heck is ‘branding’ anyway;
  • Where in the world do you start?

The pressure of these important questions weighs you down. You’re left without a clear plan. 

The 3 Woes of an Unclear Plan

  1. An unclear plan costs you time and money. 
  2. An unclear plan wastes opportunity.
  3. An unclear plan robs you of reaching your full potential.

In short, without a plan you’re forced to shoot from the hip and hope it all works out. But crossing your fingers is no way to grow your impact.

A Solution to the ‘Attack of the Unclear Plan’

The good news is, you don’t have to be under the Attack of the Unclear Plan. You don’t need a Ph.D. or superhero powers. You just need to understand how your message, marketing and brand work together. Once you do, you can take aim and grow your impact.

In this series, I’ll give you some great tips to formulate a winning plan. My clients have used these principles to come a long way, and you can too.

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