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Issue 005

4 Freaky Fast Friday Hits (2min. read)

1. Something to try…

What happens when you mash-up a new book, an exquisite podcast production, and a 6-time New York Times bestselling author?
You grab a new audio-first book from one of my favorite authors, Malcolm Gladwell.
This author-turned-podcaster took a major leap in this direction with his previous book, Talking to Strangers. I listened to the audio version and was delighted.
Gladwell approached his latest book ‘audio first.’ “You'll hear the voices of generals, the sound of aircrafts and bombs crashing. This is history brought to life through the power of audio.,” he says.
I bought my copy today. Go check out The Bomber Mafia, by Malcolm Gladwell (not an affiliate link!)

2. Something a client recently asked…

In a recent;Nucleus Business Strategy sprint, a client questioned, “What do I risk if I skip positioning my business?”
Four things you risk when you fail to smartly position your brand and business:
  1. You will get shopped on price because you failed to give them a better option.
  2. You will get shopped on time—how fast you can deliver or how soon you’re available.
  3. You will get shopped on the ‘discipline-as-commodity’ scale. You’re “one of many” mindset coaches, event speakers, business consultants, web designers, etc.
  4. You will fail to attract talent aligned with your purpose.
Which of these four positioning cobwebs are you trapped in?

3. Something to think about…

I am an irony junkie. How’s this for irony? Consider these headlines from this week…
  • Oscars notches its lowest ratings in the show’s history
  • The Oscars’ disappointing ratings are about as bad as the reviews. So what happened?
  • Oscar Ratings Plummet to Record Low, Down 58% Compared to Last Year
Hollywood, the epicentre of entertainment, has completely lost sight of their audience/customer. Hilariously ironic.
What should the Oscars do and/or change to make you watch next year?

4. Something personal…

Personal branding can be lonely. You are often a business of one. Throw in a little pandemic and it can get downright depressing.
I am in a small group of other personal brands. I’m glad one of them shared he was in “a funk.” Always a brave move to be honest.
I have reached out to check in a couple of times and we had some great conversations about life, family, and business.
How are you doing—really!? How have you made space for community in your life and business this past year and a half?

Keep building a life-giving brand.