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Issue 001

4 Freaky Fast Friday Hits (2min. read)

1. Something to try…

If you’re like me, you’re in lots of Zoom meetings. Sometimes I use my built-in speakers on my MacBook. Sometimes I use my AirPods (Bluetooth headphones). Sometimes I start with one and switch to the other 🙃. I switch all the time.

If that’s you, try this trick for you’re Zoom meetings (on your Mac).

Go to your Zoom preferences, select Audio, and then set your “Speaker” to ‘Same as System’. Then Zoom will use whatever your computer uses. So you can switch to your AirPods mid-meeting (click your Volume and select your headphones from the pulldown).
Screen shot of volume setting

2. Something a client recently asked…

A coaching group I help lead recently asked about getting “testimonials” for your marketing. Maybe you’ve faced that challenge. You ask but get nothing back. Or you ask, and what you get back is nice…but not helpful.

3 things you can do: 
  1. Ask what life was like before (and how they felt);
  2. Ask what life is like after (and how they feel now); and best of all, write the testimonial for them (based on what you’ve heard them already say).
  3. Then ask for permission to use it. It’s THE best way to get amazing testimonials. (And they’ll usually THANK YOU for writing it for them!)

Give it a try.

3. Something to think about…

We’re all so used to thinking Time is money, we don’t even notice it. But this is a cultural metaphor. Time is money. Time is a limited resource. And Time is a valuable commodity are NOT true of all times and cultures. It’s very connected to the Industrial Revolution. It’s odd to even think out “time” outside that metaphor. But it’s at least worth chewing on. Imagine a world where “time” is not something you spend, save, waste, invest, schedule, give, etc. Weird, right!?

What do you think?

4. Something personal…

The fam and I finally got away for a short beach vacation. The ocean has a way of reminding me and connecting me to something far more significant than a to-do list or running my business.

How do you pull yourself out of the immediacy we all get sucked into?

Keep building a life-giving brand.