4 Fast Friday Wins Archive

Issue 003

4 Freaky Fast Friday Hits (2min. read)

1. Something to try…

Email marketing platform ConvertKit recently acquired FanBridge. (No, I have never heard of FanBridge either 😂.) What it means is, you can now add a countdown timer to your ConvertKit emails…finally!!! Super helpful for launches.

Plus, coming soon…ConvertKit will be adding video to emails too. (Not sure how this will work out, but pretty excited about it!)

Which one of these excites you the most? (read the announcement here)

2. Something a client recently asked…

A few weeks back I was working with a client opening a new LASIK business in an established market. He questioned me on how to better position himself to stand out from the competition.

The key is connecting customer transformation to a specific picture. We identified 3 key customer types he wanted to target. Then, we pushed past generic language to the specifics.
Here are a few examples from his final positioning…
  • Generic: You have worn glasses for a long time
  • Specific: You have been tethered to glasses since 2nd grade
  • Generic: See more clearly
  • Specific: Imagine no more blurry vision when you get up with your newborn

How do you help your customer or audience? How can you get specific and visualize the transformation? Shoot me your take on it for your brand!

3. Something to think about…

Here is a helpful quote to get you thinking about the people you serve…
It’s not enough to find out who your customers are. You need to help them become the people they want to be.
The Brand Flip, Marty Neumeier p33

4. Something personal…

Every personality inventory test I have taken that measures “people” vs “tasks” agrees. I’m highly task-driven…and shockingly low on the “people” meter 😆.

This awareness has helped me in two ways.

First, tasks are a way of loving and serving people. Recognizing this keeps me from beating myself up for not being ‘more like everyone else.’

Second, I need to pull myself away from tasks to engage with other humans. It is why I’m in a mastermind with some other wonderful people. It’s also why I’m looking for ways to build more community around my business.

For example, I am revamping a few of my ‘products’ to include a FB Group and group coaching calls to help others connect.

Got any advice or encouragement on creating a community you can pass along to a task-master like me?

Keep building a life-giving brand.