A light bulb went off in my head this week. It illuminated something you and I often wrestle with when it comes to marketing.

FYI I’m not talking primarily about marketing tactics. Yes, we could ALL use great marketing help, tips, tricks, and best practices. But we wrestle with something deeper. Ok, no spoilers. Keep reading…

I ran my idea and newfound clarity by a few friends. The idea resonated with them as well.

Here’s what happened next…

I made a decision. And now I need to tell you about it.


Because if you’re reading this, it directly impacts you. And I think you’re going to find yourself excited about this too!

Here are three reasons for us both to be excited:

  1. First, this epiphany results in a crystal-clear focus for this blog. Let’s face it, there are tons of great places for you to get ‘general’ help with your marketing. But I believe my new focus offers you a unique and helpful perspective you won’t find other places.
  2. Second, while the individuals in my virtual audience vary between business, church, and non-profit, my audience on the whole overwhelming values the same thing. (I’ll tell what ‘thing’ that is in a second.) This new focus will create a space where we can go after this ‘same thing’ together.
  3. Third, the new focus draws a bullseye on how I can help you the most. If you know me personally—as many of you do—you’ll go, “duh!…that makes sense. Why didn’t he figure that out sooner?” (That’s what I did when the idea came to me!)

Enough…The Suspense is Killing Me. What’s the ‘Thing’?

Marketing is hard. It’s hard because:

  • You’re busy.
  • You run a business (or church, or non-profit).
  • You don’t have the time (or desire) to be a marketing Jedi.

But there’s another reason marketing is challenging for many reading this article. And it’s this…

How exactly does marketing fit with the gospel? (Gulp!)

The ‘thing’ is (see what I did there?), most of you want to win at marketing AND live out the gospel. That’s “the thing” my particular audience shares in common. Whether you’re a realtor, a small business owner, a personal brand, the head of a marketing department, a pastor or church planter, or the founder of a non-profit, you say “Yes, I want to do what I do in light of the gospel.

Ok. Can we be honest with each other for a moment?

Maybe you’ve never said it out loud, but you’ve felt what I’ve felt. Sometimes (not all the time) marketing feels shady, dirty, or down-right manipulative.

You don’t want to cross the line with your marketing. But sometimes the ‘line’ gets fuzzy. On one hand, growing your business or brand gives you more resources to use, bless, and giveaway. On the other hand, using sketchy marketing as a means does not justify the end in your eyes.

So you’re left either gun-shy and guessing with your marketing. Or you avoid it altogether and failed to reach your God-given potential.

Those aren’t good options for you.

If we believe the gospel changes everything…shouldn’t change or shape the way we market?

I believe the answer is a most definite YES! (Btw, saying “amen” there would’ve been cheesy. And the gospel thankfully never calls us to be cheesy.) 

If you’re up for it, we’ll go after this together. To give you a feel, we’ll seek to answer four broad questions:

  1. How does the gospel inform/shape how I market?
  2. How can I take gospel principles and rightly marry them with the best modern marketing practices (and which ones should I throw away)?
  3. How can I be and bring good news to the people my business/brand serves?
  4. How can I be a faithful, successful ‘missional marketer’ who makes the world a better place by filling it with the presence of Jesus?
Gospel Marketing Strategy PDF Download icon

Good News

I’ve put these questions in a PDF so you can chew on them more. Grab your free copy at the bottom of this article.

Yes, those are bold, big questions. No, I don’t have all the answers. But I’m convinced Jesus wants to fill the earth with his presence. And he does that through you–realtor, small business owner, personal brand-er, marketing department head, lawyer, and non-profit founder!

If this rings true, you don’t need to do anything. (Hey, that sounds like the gospel, right there!) Simply follow along with the blog here. Or sign up and you can join in with emails neatly delivered to your inbox. The first article with this new focus will hit in the next few days. It’s called “Gospel Onboarding for New Email Subscribers.” It won’t be filled with theory or KJV Bible quotes. It will be packed with practical, gospel-centered marketing help!

By the way, if you’re a pastor or church planter, I speak more directly to your needs over at Church Planter Starter Kit. Sign up there for more direct help.

Good News: You Can Win at Marketing as You Embody the Gospel.

I’ve used gospel principles to help my clients win at marketing for a while now. But I want to more directly empower you to feel confident about winning at marketing based on the gospel. I hope you’ll join me on the journey!

Gospel Marketing Strategy PDF Download icon

Good News

I’ve put these questions in a PDF so you can chew on them more. Grab your free copy ».

4 Gospel Marketing Questions

Download this free PDF resource.

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