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One great way to improve and learn is by learning from others. Seeing a real-life example helps move a concept from abstract to concrete. From fuzzy to clear.

I remember in vivid detail the first sermon I prepared back in seminary. I sat with 12-or-so fellow students as we each took turns presenting our first sermon outline. And ​back in my day​, we did it with overhead transparencies. Transparencies are handy, but flexible they are not. Once the transparency gets baked and rolls out of the laser printer, it may as well be written in stone.
So each of us came to class with our sermon outline on a transparent stone tablet.

One-by-one, each of us took center stage, placed our transparency on the overhead, and waited with sweaty palms to hear feedback from our professor.

By the third sermon, an unwelcome trend emerged. A rookie mistake, you could say. We were mixing up interpretive clues within our outlines.

The top of the outline might say, “The reason Paul exhorts the Galatians…” But a line later, the outline shifted. “The result Paul expects from the Galatians…” “So which is it, reason or result?,” the professor would ask? Gulp!

The rest of us began frantically re-proof-reading our outlines. Like the Angel of Death in Exodus, you could see the plague of realization sweep across the room.

Every student from that point forward began his or her presentation the same way.

  1. First, slap the transparency on the overhead with disgust.
  2. Immediately followed by, “I already know this is wrong!”

The rest of us identified, empathized, and NEVER made that mistake again!

That’s one reason I love recording 5 minute website reviews. We’re all students. We can learn a ton in 5 minutes from each others’ websites.

Joy is a copywriter with a great website. Check out my 5 min review of her website and see what tips and tricks you can use to make your own website better!

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