Brand Kit

Robby Fowler
This guide illustrates the minimum basic requirements and restrictions involved in the reproduction of the Robby Fowler logotype and its corresponding identity elements. It applies to all outward facing communications and branding as used by partners and entities who have been given permission to use these assets.

It does not reflect certain liberties and affordances by the brand owner and thus, partners may not deviate from the guidelines provided here without pre-approval from the brand owner.

If you can't find an asset you're looking for or have a design-related question, please contact

Logo Files

Vector files are made using clean lines and curves or paths that can be scaled to any size without losing quality. Vector files are what you will need in order to get your logo professionally printed on collateral like posters, t-shirts, etc.

Vector file formats include:
  • EPS
  • PDF
  • SVG

Raster files are made from tiny squares known as pixels. When you resize a rester image you will likely see a blurry effect or pixelization. Raster files are intended primarily for computer use and should not be used for printing unless absolutely necessary.

Raster file formats include:
  • JPG
  • PNG (supports transparency)
  • SVG (will not pixelate)

Primary Logo

Stacked Logo

Stacked Reversed Logo

Stacked Full-Reversed Logo