The Brand ED Podcast

with Robby Fowler

Build a life-giving brand.

The Brand ED Podcast helps personal brands connect branding, marketing, and business strategy to profitable websites and life-giving brands. This show is designed to help you gain clarity about how branding, marketing, and business strategy align to create profitable websites.

But we don't just focus on tactics, strategy, or making more money. The podcast shines an intentional spotlight on YOU the Leader, not just your business.

The Brand ED Podcast Helps You:

  • Become a better business leader
  • Build a stronger business
  • Bless the customers you serve

In a sentence, I want to help you build a brand that breathes life into you AND your customer.
    Each episode draws from my experience running my own personal brand since 2001. My own journey has also included stints in startup companies, church plants, and a few entrepreneurial endeavors of my own—not to mention parenting 3 kids with my wife of 25+ years along the way.

    I've been fortunate to work with and work for some amazing leaders as part of my business. I love sharing insights I've spent years honing through day-in, day-out application. I draw energy from thinking deeply about branding, marketing, and business strategy, and then bringing clarity to you.

    My aim is to make the complex simple and “sticky." Let's unleash life-giving transformation for you and your brand.
    Too often the Human Being leading the business gets left out of the conversations about personal brands, increasing revenues, and growing businesses.

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    Want to serve your audience and help them create profitable websites and life-giving brands? I promise an engaging, informative conversation with a dash of dry wit. I can help lift the cloud of confusion and pain that often surrounds branding, marketing, strategy and the techie-swamp of money-making websites.

    Let’s talk. Keep your life simple. Grab my press sheet for a quick bio and suggested interview questions.
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