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Look More Professional Using Google Apps for your Email, Not Gmail

Why You Should Stop Using Gmail for Your Personal Brand or Business

Email. You’re stuck with it. Like it, love it, or hate it. Email is part of your business or personal brand.Tons of personal brands and businesses use Gmail (or a Yahoo or Hotmail account). You grabbed a Gmail email address for one of these common reasons:
  • A Gmail account is free.
  • You don’t even remember when…you’ve had a Gmail account for ages (and all your friends email you there). 
  • You grabbed a new Gmail account after leaving a previous job to start your new business venture or personal brand. 
  • You graduated college (congrats!), lost your school email address, and needed an email address for your resume. (You’ve got college loans to pay off, so why waste money when Gmail is free?)

I get it. I’ve got several Gmail accounts myself. But I don’t use ANY of them for my business. You shouldn’t either.“Why not!?”, you ask. Here’s why…

This Stumbling Block Is The Obvious Reason You Shouldn’t Use Gmail for Your Business or Brand

When you boil it down, your business and brand come down to a relationship between you and your customer. When a customer considers doing business with you, he or she is, in part, making a relational decision. Do I want to relate with this business or brand?

As You May Know, Every Relationship Is Build on Trust

Trust is the foundation of every relationship. You know it. I know it. So let’s cut to the chase.
Your “” Gmail account does not help me trust your business or brand.
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Put Yourself in the Shoes of your Customer and You’ll See This (It’s More Obvious than the Sun at High Noon)…

Think about it from your customer’s perspective. Suppose you are a personal brand offering C-Level coaching. If I’m a C-Level executive spending money on a coach, who am I more likely to trust with my investment (and my future)? Some guy at “” or “”. I can promise you it’s the latter.

Or how about this? If I’m on the hunt for a skilled web designer to skyrocket my business, am I going to hire a designer who can’t figure out how to get his email to match his domain name? Nope! Not me.

It’s So Easy to Conquer Your Domain, You Can Do It Today

Rome wasn’t conquered in a day. But you can conquer getting your email address to match your domain name in an afternoon. (With my help…probably in an hour).
Step 1: Let Google Apps Host Your Email
You already have a domain name. You have a website up. All you need now is a place to host the email for your business or personal brand. Keep it simple. Use Google Apps. When you do, you’ll have a trust-building email address like “”.

What’s the Difference Between Gmail and Google Apps?
Let me clarify the difference between Gmail and Google Apps. I’ll also tell you how your email host is not the same thing as your email app.
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