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Embarrassingly Easy Instagram Hack to Post from your Computer

Instagram Is Insta-Fun

Instagram is fun. You may use it to…
  • promote your business or brand,
  • peer into the lives of celebrity dogs,
  • post candids of mullets or rat tails
  • or make up for all the likes you never got in high school.

But Posting to Instagram Only from Your Phone is a Buzzkill

But one Insta-pain for those of us who are in front of a computer for work is this: 
  • Posting to Instagram only works from your phone!
Sure, you can find a third-party social app to do it for you from your computer. But that takes the fun out of it. When the mood strikes, you want to post NOW. You want to post FAST. You want to share this INSTA…. (Tell me you saw that pun coming. You walked right into it. I just wish I had a picture of you getting punned to share on Instagram.)

Plus, Sometimes Picking Up Your Phone for Instagram Leaves You Feeling Like…

What if you could post directly from your computer without the hassle of a third-party app? So you could avoid this tragedy…
  • A flash of insta-piration
  • The realization you’re at your desk on your computer
  • The glance over at your phone
  • The ‘is it worth it’ pause
  • The ‘no I’ve got work to do’ answer
  • The feeling like someone at the last muffin in the break room, bummer 
  • The moving on because the inspiration is gone. The moment has passed.
This tragedy must be redeemed. This injustice must be righted. This nightmare must end. Not next week. Not tomorrow. But right this insta…. (Seriously? Pun me once, shame on you. Pun me twice, drop and give me 50.)

Simple Hack to Post to Instagram Directly From Your Computer (No 3rd-party Apps Needed!)

Here’s the embarrassingly easy hack to post to Instagram from your laptop or desktop. It uses the Safari browser. Follow these simple steps to hack Instagram and post from your computer:
  1. Open Safari. 
  2. Go to Instagram and log in to your account. 
  3. Go to the top menu in Safari and click on Develop. (If you don’t see Develop—after Bookmarks and before _Window—_see the note below. Then come back to this step.) 
  4. Choose User Agent 
  5. Then choose Safari—iOS ##.#—iPhone. (You can select iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. They all work for this hack.) 
  6. Now Instagram thinks you’re an iPhone or iPad :-) 
  7. Click the familiar phone icon now appearing in the upper LH corner and choose your photo or video to post
NOTE: If you don’t see Develop in your Safari menu bar, do this. In Safari, click on Safari in the menu bar and select Preferences. Select the last tab called Advanced. Put a check in the bottom box Show Develop menu in menu bar. Now go back to step 3 above. 

In summary, you can post Instagram by logging in to your account in Safari, clicking Develop > User Agent > iPad and posting your content.

Video Showing Simple Instagram Hack for Posting from your Computer


Let me know if you have any other cool hacks like this for Instagram (or other social networks)!
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