The Clear Plan for Creatives to Easily Organize Your Digital Worklife.

Bring order to the chaos of your Mac Hard Drive, Files, & Projects once for all!

The Clear Plan for Creatives to Easily Organize Your Digital Worklife.

Bring order to the chaos of your Mac Hard Drive, Files, & Projects once for all!
A Tidy Hard Drive + A Simple Plan to Stay Organized.
Stop the “Uh-Oh!"
Say goodbye to misplaced files, unorganized projects, and panic attacks.
An Unorganized Digital Worklife
Costs You…
A Clear Plan of Attack for Creatives Gives You…
Wasted Time
You burn time and energy figuring out what to name things and where to save them.
No more guessing what to name your files, folders, or projects.
The bigger the project, the scarier you feel about keeping track of versions.
Keep track of previous versions and revisions with ease.
Frantically searching for files with weird names is not a good feeling.
Organize every project the same way every time.
Marie Kondo Your Digital Worklife Once-for-All
Make Your Hard Drive Spark Joy. It's Easy!
Buy the Guide ($27).
Get started TODAY!
Follow the Simple Plan.
Simple instructions + video for each step.
Enjoy your Work.
Use this approach from now on.
I’m Robby Fowler
I Use This Plan Everyday.
I created this plan in 2001 when I started my own branding & marketing business. I needed a way to organize all my projects, folders, and files. And it needed to grow with my business over the long haul.

This plan has worked for 19+ years and it will work for you. (I can track down my very first project…even if Macromedia Flash no longer exists.)
You’ve Got Nothing to Lose…Except Your Files
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you read the guide, watch the videos, and follow the plan but aren't happy with the results within 30 days of your purchase, just email me back for a full-refund. No questions asked.
Have a question? Here's your answer.
Will this work if I don't have a Mac?
Yes, all the principles of how to organize your Hard Drive will work. You can follow the steps on your Windows computer. There are a couple of suggested apps that are Mac-based. But you can almost always find a Windows equivalent. Apart from that, the plan will work for you!
What is included?
After your purchase, you'll get:
  • An email with the PDF guide
  • Your PDF guide includes step-by-step written instructions
  • Each step includes a link to a short video
  • Easily follow along with the videos
  • Enjoy 5 extra videos with bonus tips
Do I get lifetime access?
You bet. Any updates I make to the guide or the videos will always be available to you. I'll send you an email with the updates. You simply replace your old guide with the new one—including links to the new videos for each step.
Do you cover backup files?
Yes. The first section covers backing up your files. By the time you finish section 1, you'll be backed up AND you'll have a backup copy of your Hard Drive. You'd be able to startup your computer from your external drive if your internal drive failed.
Do I need anything else to follow the steps?
Yes. Along the way I'll recommend a few applications in order to have a secure backup plan, an external hard drive you can start your computer from, and the best way to maintain your Mac Hard Drive (and save tons of HD space)!
You are not required to purchase the suggested applications. But I use them everyday to keep my files safe, my HD organized, and my business running smoothly…even when emergencies hit.

Get 3 Bonus Insider Videos!

Your behind-the-scenes look at exactly how I setup, organize, and share these common projects…
Bonus: How I organize branding or rebranding projects.
Look over my shoulder and see exactly how I organize a project, my folders, and client deliverables.
Bonus: How I organize mastermind groups and bi-monthly calls.
See how I organize my mastermind group, from Zoom recordings to notes and to-do's for participants.
Bonus: How I organize website projects.
Watch my walkthrough of how I organize files, pictures, and all the assets for a website project.

Plus 3 Power Tips

Sorting Secrets
Use this sorting trick to quickly find items in your most used folder.
Renaming Secrets
Learn this timesaving trick and tackle an entire group of files at once.
Date-saving Secrets
Discover the secret to using time to your advantage when naming those files and folders.
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