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Making ConvertKit Hum for Your Business can be Hard!

Be honest. Your ConvertKit feels as unorganized as your sock drawer…wasting your time and potential.
Are You Interested In Solving these ConvertKit Challenges?
  • Automatically segmenting your list so you can better target your messages
  • The 5 essential steps to setting up your account and keeping things organized? (no more tag or naming nightmares)
  • A handy doc to keep yourself and your ConvertKit organized (it’ll become your own go-to, headache-removing reference)
  • “Just enough” automation tricks to do so some basic magic for you without you lifting a finger
  • Feeling confident you’re getting the most out of your ConvertKit setup without wasting hours on stuff you don’t need

If that interests you At All…

Just let me know. Because I’m pulling together some ways to help you tame your ConvertKit. And I just want to know who may be interested!
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