Register for the Personal Brand Accelerator Workshop

Saturday, August 28th, 2021
1pm–6pm ET
with Robby Fowler & Geoff Kullman

Follow-Up Implementation Call
2 weeks later, September 11, 2021

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Who Is This Accelerator For?

If you need to build your personal brand…
Find clarity on your ideal customer...
Or, plan out your success roadmap for the next 24 months…

5 Main Sessions
The workshop (LIVE on Zoom) will be divided into five main sessions.
Define Success
First, we’ll help you define what success looks like in your business. Tangible, realistic success with a game plan built-in AND a second set of eyes to provide real-time feedback.

Position Your Business
Next, you’ll discover your 3Ps of positioning (the people you serve, the problem you solve, and the process you use). This is the "stuff" in your business that you already know but you've never actually spent time to define.

Clarify Your Ideal Customer
Third, you’ll run through a number of exercises to nail down your primary avatar. By the end of this session, you’ll know your client better than they know themselves (and be equipped with copywriting strategies to speak their specific language, too).

Designing Your Brand (pt 1 & 2)
We’ll end the day by going through your “brand attributes” AND the PB3 (what ticks you off, what breaks your heart, and what problem are you trying to solve?).

It’ll be a jam-packed day… but a transformative one, both for you and your personal brand business as well. We’re already excited for you to experience that transformation!
Follow Up Implementation Call
Follow-up Zoom Call for Feedback, Review, and Q&A.
Action & Accountability
Learning feels great. But the secret is acting on and integrating what you learn. Hop back on our follow-up call 2 weeks later for review, feedback, Q&A, and next steps.

We’re capping the workshop at 10 people. We DON’T want you to miss out. Register NOW before all the spots fill up (again).