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Need to position your personal brand and stand out from the competition?
Discover the Radical Empathy Brand Framework© (R.E.Brand) and start positioning your consulting, coaching, creator, or speaker business. Stop pitching to everybody, getting heard by nobody, and settling for anybody.
(Launching July, 2021)
Personal Brand Accelerator Workshops
Accelerate Your Personal Brand With Live, Hands-on Workshops
Accelerator Workshops to help you:
  • Build (or re-build) your personal brand
  • Clarify your ideal customer fueled by radical empathy
  • Define your core message and one-liner
  • Craft your founder story and unique point of view
  • Create your success roadmap with action steps for the next 24 months
  • Position, package and price your offerings
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Coaching • Mastermind
Get Personal Brand Coaching or Join My Mastermind
Get direct guided help and achieve your personal brand growth goals.
Get direct help as we work together on your life-giving brand and business.
  • Any of the areas covered in an accelerator workshop above
  • Launching your podcast
  • Creating your course
  • Pricing and pitching your customized service offering
  • Business strategy for growing leads and revenue
  • Website strategy, structure, design & copy reviews
Coaching engagements range from 3–6 months, depending on your needs.
Masterminds begin with a 3-month minimum commitment.

How To Get Started…
  1. Complete your Interest Intake form.
  2. Setup your Discovery Call to share your challenges.
  3. Choose the perfect solution for your needs.
Business & Brand Strategy Sprint
Book Your Private 2-Day Business & Brand Strategy Sprint
Gain clarity, alignment, and direction fast for your entire team with a facilitated, 2-day sprint.
Get all the key players in the room. Remove the noise and get clarity using our proprietary Nucleus Sprint. Get out of the weeds and focus on what matters. I’ll walk your team through a set of hands-on exercises in two, action-packed half day blocks. This is perfect for:
  • Validation: Before launching a new direction or major offering for your personal brand business
  • Stagnation: Get your business and team unstuck and moving towards a clear mission together
  • Competition: Leapfrog competitors and avoid becoming a commodity by defining your unique position in the market

How To Get Started…
  1. Complete your Interest Intake form.
  2. Setup your Discovery Call to share your challenges.
  3. Book your sprint.
What Others Are Saying
  • I was ready to pivot into my personal brand business. I had no idea where to start. Robby coached me and gave me a business plan for my website. I also bought his DIY course. Now I can't believe how amazing my personal brand website looks. I got my first lead less than 24-hours after launching my site.
    Laura Murray
    Speaker • Author • Coach
  • The best thing I've done for my business is hire Robby. He helped me think through my brand and business plan. He offered strategy and translated it into my personal brand website. Every choice brought me more leads and greater revenue. You're worth the investment!
    Jahbari McLennan
    Speaker • Consultant
  • I needed help starting and growing my real estate business. I knew my website would be a critical way for me to stand out from every other realtor in town. Robby helped position my business, build my messaging, strategy, and website. He's helped me become a top agent in our market.
    Trenton Hoggard
  • I tried building my website on my own several times. I was confused by Wordpress, never happy with the results, and wasted a lot of time. Robby's DIY Personal Brand Website Course was a Godsend. My site looks incredible and I was able to do it myself in no time.
    Danielle Loera
    Ministry Coach
Life-giving brands are smartly positioned, adopt the posture of a servant, and are built on the foundation of your character.
That way…everybody profits!