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Hi, I’m Robby Fowler
Consultant & Host of The Brand ED Podcast
Robby Fowler is a branding and marketing strategist who helps high-integrity consultants, coaches, and trainers build, brand, and market personal brands that make more (than) money.
Robby believes too many personal brands get pulled into the pursuit of success without a clear plan and without counting the cost. While every personal brand wants more money, Robby helps them get there by building a business worth giving their lives to.
—what he calls a “life-giving brand.”

He regularly shares his insights on his podcast, The Brand ED Podcast.

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Possible Topics

  • 5 Things You Need in Place to Move Your Personal Brand from Backstage to Centerstage!
  • The 6 Simple Questions Your Personal Brand Website MUST Answer to Make You Money
  • Why Radical Empathy Separates the Best Personal Brands form the Rest of the Pack
  • 7 Counterintuitive Principles to Building a Personal Brand You Don’t Hate
  • Avoid These Personal Brand SEO Mistakes (Especially If You Do NOT Have A Big Audience)

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Suggested Interview Questions

  • You:
    Why are websites challenging to create for so many of us, especially personal brands?
    • Robby will pinpoint the 3 most common challenges personal brands face when it comes to creating a website and why they’re so intimidating 
    • Key takeaway: You are NOT alone in your struggle and your are NOT to blame for not being an expert outside your area of expertise!
  • You:
    How can personal brands find and attract more of their ideal customers?
    • Robby will share a story about being ‘out of position’ and the implications that has on your personal brand and your ability to attract your ideal customer.
    • Key takeaway: When you’re not clear and confident in how you position yourself in a crowded market, you risk losing the game.
  • You:
    What should personal brands have in place to not blow a big, centerstage opportunity coming up?
    • Robby will share 5 critical pieces to have in place BEFORE you take centerstage. These help you step into the spotlight with confidence, be seen as an expert, and ensure your ideal customers you are more than capable of helping them.
    • Key takeaway: Preparation and positioning yourself PRIOR to a centerstage opportunity is the key to confidently claiming your expertise.
  • You:
    What steps should a personal brand take when they find themselves ‘pitching to everybody…getting heard by nobody…and settling for anybody’?
    • Robby will share his refreshing approach called The Radical Empathy Brand Framework©to show personal brands how to use Radical Empathy instead of relying on manipulative marketing hacks or tricks to find customers, grow leads, or convert sales.
    • Key takeaway: Radical empathy is the difference between your WORK for your customers and your HEART for your customers! It enables you to move beyond marketing to meaning. It unlocks the door to radical service. And it transforms customers from “avatars” back into fellow-humans like you.
  • You:
    How do personal brands pursue and find success without losing themselves in the process?
    • Robby will share some counterintuitive principles from his Life-giving Brand Manifesto to help driven leaders avoid driving off the cliff of success.
    • Key takeaway: The greatest strengths you possess as a personal brand are often your greatest weaknesses. Set some stakes in the ground, some guardrails for your journey, and learn to grow your personal brand in community with others. Life is not a solo project.
  • You:
    Why should personal brands care about SEO, especially if they don’t yet have a huge audience?
    • Robby will explain away some of the common confusion around SEO for personal brands. He will give personal brands some practical steps they can take to shore up their SEO to prepare for growth.
    • Key takeaway: There are simple SEO steps every personal brand can be taking now with their website to take advantage of future opportunities.

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